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The Council of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia has an agreement with the Engineering Council UK to use The Engineering Council (formerly the Council of Engineering Institutions) Examinations for assessment of candidates for admission to Graduate membership of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia.  This Graduate Examinations is organized by The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia and sponsored by the Board of Engineers, Malaysia.

The IEM/BEM Graduate Examinations is conducted solely to comply with the requirements for Graduate membership of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia and hence to registration as Graduate Engineers with the Board of Engineers, Malaysia.

The objective of the Examinations is to provide an opportunity for two categories of Young Malaysians to achieve professional status through local professional examinations.

In the first category, are Malaysians who had obtained engineering qualifications from countries such as India, Indonesia, Taiwan etc whose qualifications are not in the list of recognized qualifications of IEM or BEM.   During the period around 1976, there were over 1,000 persons who were registered with the BEM as bona fide engineers.  These Examinations would provide an opportunity for them to upgrade themselves as engineers.

The second category, are Malaysian who have obtained diplomas/certificates from ITM, UTM, TAR and private technical institutes.   By one reason or another, they missed out the opportunity to pursue their basic engineering degree qualifications from universities and the Examinations could provide an avenue for them to qualify as engineers.

Attention of Candidates is drawn particularly to the fact that although the present Part 2 – IEM/BEM Examinations is conducted using Engineering Council facilities, candidates cannot however claim any credit with the Engineering Council if they pass this IEM/BEM Graduate Examinations; that is to say, a pass of the Part 2 – IEM/BEM Graduate Examinations will not entitle candidates to claim for admission

to Graduate Membership of any of the Institutions of the Engineering Council.

All correspondence in connection with the above IEM/BEM Graduate Examinations should be addressed to:-

            Hon. Secretary,

            The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia,

            P.O. Box 223, (Jalan Sultan)

            46720 Petaling Jaya,

            Selangor Darul Ehsan.


Conditions of Examination

Part 1 Examination

The scope and standard of the Part 1 Examination is that expected of an undergraduate at the end of the first year of a three year British B.Eng (Hons) course.

Candidates must satisfy the Examiners in six subjects: four compulsory subjects, together with two optional subjects from a list of four.

All candidates entering the Examinations are strongly advised that they should have undertaken a formal course of study in the principles of engineering including laboratory work and a course in engineering drawing.   Candidates may be required to submit evidence of having undertaken an acceptable course.

Part 2 Examination

The Standard of all papers in the Part 2 Examination is set at the final (third) year of a British B.Eng (Hons) engineering degree course.

Candidates are required to pass six subjects in this Examination, which is divided into two parts as follows:-

Part 2 (A) – candidates are required to satisfy the Examiners in five of the subjects.

Part 2 (B) – consists of one subject – Engineer in Society

Candidates are required to select five subjects from Part 2 (A) and one subject from Part 2 (B).

Engineering is a practical applied science and the academic training required for registration as a professional engineer must include not only the theoretical study of engineering science but also the applications of such theory to practical problems.

Candidates for the Part 2 Examination must attend a formal course of preparation for the subjects in which they are interested, unless specifically excused by the Institution, and such a course must include appropriate laboratory, field and project work.   The Examinations Committee reserves the right to request candidates to submit their reports on laboratory and field work as well as notes on projects undertaken.

With effect from year 2003, the Part 2 Examinations will undergo a change of syllabus.  This change of syllabus is proposed to upgrade the standard of the Part 2 Examinations.  The Part 2 papers consist of six (6) papers inclusive of Paper 300A which is compulsory.  The Part 1 requirement is maintained.

Part 3 Examination

The Standard of the Part 3 Examination is set at the final (fourth) year of a British MEng first degree.

Candidates are required to pass four (4) subjects which is divided into three parts as follows:

Two (2) papers will be chosen from the balance of the Part 2 papers that the candidates had not attempted

One (1) compulsory paper called Advanced Engineering Analysis and

One (1) advanced technical papers from a choice of five papers (according to the demand)

Candidates are required to complete each part of the examination within 3 consecutive years.  In other words, they are allowed to sit for three attempts and if they failed to complete each part of the Examinations within the period of the permitted number of attempts, the candidates may apply to re-enter the Examination via fresh application. 

For further information on the syllabus, you may purchase the IEM/BEM Graduate Examination Regulations from IEM at RM 10.00 per copy.

Application to sit for Graduate Exam

Note: All candidates before applying to sit for any Parts of the Examinations, must satisfy the Examinations Committee that they fulfill the requirements for admission to the Examination by submitting the Preliminary Application Form together with the photocopies of their qualifications and certificates and a processing fee of RM 30.00.

The Examinations Committee will then decide whether Exemptions can be given to these applicants.  Exemptions can be in the following subjects pending evaluation of their qualification:-

Exemption from certain papers of Part 1

Exemption from full Part 1

Exemption from certain papers of Part 2

Exemption from full Part 2

Exemption from certain papers of Part 3

Exemption from compulsory Paper 300A

After evaluation by the Examinations Committee, the candidates will be informed of the decision and a registration form can then be issued to candidates according to their exemption status together with the instruction to pay the Examinations Fee for each paper to be taken.


Before 30 August - Closing date after submission of Preliminary Application

Before 30 October - Issue of Registration Form to sit for the Exam and Registration Fees by candidates

Before 30 November - Closing date for Applicants to sit for following year exam and Payment of Exam fees in full.

Before 30 December - Candidates may consider withdraw from Exam.

Between Jan to April - Candidates kept informed of the time table, venue of Exam.

May – Examinations