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IEM (Sarawak Branch) plays an important role in promoting engineering excellence and achieving due recognition of the valuable contribution engineering makes to the community. One avenue to achieve that recognition is through our awards programs, which are specifically intended to identify, recognise and reward outstanding achievement, eminence in the practice of engineering and conspicuous service to the profession and the Sarawak people.

For further information about the Engineering Excellence Awards, please direct an email inquiry to the Secretariat, or telephone 06 82 428 506.

Excellence Engineering Achievement Awards

The Prestigious Engineering Achievement Awards are to recognize the outstanding achievements of the engineers.The awards are given to an organization or persons responsible for an outstanding engineering project in Sarawak.      

 The various awards that are given are :

1. (IEM) Sarawak Branch Best Students Award in the Diploma category (Private Colleges).

 INTI's former Civil Engineering student wins IEM award

A former Diploma in Civil Engineering student of INTI College Sarawak made the College proud when he was chosen to receive the Institute of Engineers (IEM) Sarawak Branch Best Students Award in the Diploma category (Private Colleges).

The recipient, Robin Wong , also a former student of St. Thomas School in Kuching, walked away with a certificate and RM200 in cash.

The bespectacled lad undertaking degree studies at the University of Western Australia disclosed: "All my credits were transferable." Robin who described his university studies as "academically challenging" enjoys playing tennis and listening to music in his free time.

On the secret of his scoring an average of 75 percent in academics, Robin revealed that determination and the quality of study helped. "Paying attention in class is important and when there are problems, one has to be resourceful by conducting one's own research and meeting with lecturers to resolve the problems."

Robin pointed out the importance of sharing knowledge with one's peers: "We usually have group assignments and try to complete the task. We brainstorm and discuss the issue at hand. This way we are able to share our knowledge and learn from one another."

He found his lecturers helpful, caring and friendly. "My lecturers encourage me to work hard and are my source of inspiration. INTI College Sarawak has great facilities and the library has almost everything needed for my assignments and studies."

Presently undergoing industrial training with a local engineering firm, Robin is poised to achieve his dream of being an engineer within the next decade.

10. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


The Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) is currently in the process of introducing a policy on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to further enhance professionalism among engineers and the scheme is expected to be fully implemented by 2006. The policy targets professional engineers with the possibility of extending to other grades of engineers. This effort by BEM is timely as engineering has become increasingly recognized as a field, which is facing rapid changes in this new millennium. This will enable the local construction industry to instill and uphold a greater level of professionalism and professional expertise in view of globalization and the challenges associated with it in the international services sector.

The policy is aimed to further improve and broaden the knowledge and skill of engineers in performing their duties in line with current practice and regulations. On the implementation side of this CPD policy, a well-structured organization backed by strong membership support has become crucial in order to provide sufficient and appropriate training programmes for the largest profession in the country. At the moment there are more than 11,000 professional engineers registered with the Board. With the membership base and the pool of engineering expertise available, the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia therefore is well-placed to be an organization capable of assisting BEM in the implementation of the CPD policy and programme.