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Vision & Mission


  • IEM shall be the leading professional institution spearheading technology and wealth creation in the region



  • Be commercially oriented
  • Serve members
  • Ensure professionalism
  • Speed up policy decisions
  • Speak up on engineering issues
  • Spearhead science, engineering and technology
  • Support R&D and innovation



  • To hold meetings, exhibitions and visits, and such activities as the Institution may deem incidental or conducive to the promotion or attainment of the profession of engineering;
  • To raise the character and status and advance the interests of the profession of the engineering and those engaged therein;
  • To promote honorable practice, and professional etiquette among members of the Institution;
  • To communicate to members information on all matters affecting the profession of engineering and to print, publish, issue and circulate such publications as may seem conducive to any of the Institution; and
  • To do such other things as The Institution may think incidental or conducive to the attainment of the Institution