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Training (CPD & PDP)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) implemented the policy on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to further enhance professionalism among engineers in 2006. The policy is aimed to further improve and broaden the knowledge and skill of engineers in performing their duties in line with current practice and regulations. IEM was appointed as the Certified Body to implement the PDP and CPD Programmes according to BEM’s policy and guidelines in February 2006.

In executing the PDP and CPD Programmes, IEM would be guided by the following policy and guideline documents issued by BEM:

  1. CPD001 – Continuing Professional Development Policy for Professional Engineers. Download
  2. CPD002 – Leaflet Download
  3. CPD005 – Circular to all Professional Engineers Download

For members’ further information and to serve as a guide, IEM had published a few articles in the Bulletin.

   i) CPD for Engineers. Download 
   ii) How to obtain the 50 required CPD hours. Download

Professional Development Program (PDP)

Download Circular No 2/2005 (PDP)